The Portland Youngnak Presbyterian Church (KPCA) at Portland, OR is looking for Youth Pastor.


-      1. Position: Half-Time or Part-time position

-      2. Ministry:Youth Group (6th-12th grade) Ministry

-     3. Qualifications: 
1) A graduate of the Presbyterian seminary (M.div.)
2) Must be able to work faithfully with the Education ministry team 
3) Must have a lot of passion for Youth Ministry 
4) English speaking required; Bi-lingual (1.5 generation, Korean & English) Preferred, at least must be able to communicate in Korean. 

-      4. Job Description (Half or Part-Time Position) 

1) Sunday Worship Leading and Preaching.

2) Leading the Small group Teacher’s meeting every Sunday.

3) Equip Youth and volunteers in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

4) Cooperate VBS, Mission trip, and special programs including Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and other ministry programs and events for the youth ministry.

5) Participate in major church events and office hours.

6) Communication with Parents (Serving for PTA meeting).

7) Office Hour : Thursday~Saturday 9am-5pm (Half)

                     Friday evening (6pm-9pm) and Saturday (9am-5pm) (Part)

5. Applications Process: Please submit the following documents
1) Resume with picture 
2) Personal Testimony & Philosophy of Ministry 
3) Two Letters of Recommendation - (Recent) Senior pastor’s recommendation required)

4) The Certification of the graduate of the Presbyterian seminary 

5) Two sermons in 6 months. (DVD or Web)


Due date: May. 31. 2018

E-mail: (Preferred)
Mail: 17415 NW Walker Rd. Beaverton, OR 97006

Call: 503-531-8444